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vibration in groin

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Best Answer: It could be vasiculations (very rapid contractions, like fluttering) of the muscles in the groin, or it could be a vascular condition called arterio . . . See the discussion page to add to the conversation. Hi - I am 34 yrs old and was resently diagnosed with a UTI and tested for Chlamydia because of unprotected oral (not vaginal). . . Many people posted, but few had repeat . . . Best Answer: Muscle Spasms. . . drink more fluids and you'll see it goes away. Started out ever once in a while . . . I'm a 44 year old male who, for the past week, has experienced a humming/vibration sensation in my left thigh/groin area, akin to the vibrate mode on a cell phone. . . com Note: There are comments associated with this question. I have been taking CIPRO which has cleared . . . I also have a strange vibration in my groin . . . Need to ask a Doctor a question? Getting an answer from a verified doctor is easy on JustAnswer. Have had the same thing going on about a month now. muscle twitch, caffeine intolerance, bladder infection: Charles: Vibrational sensations are usually nerve problems called neuropathies. . Such injury . It is constant. . Starte two days ago. . Some who have experienced this recurring phantom vibrations have wondered whether the strange phenomenon has physical roots: Is it caused by nerve damage or muscle memoryList of 10 disease causes of Groin numbness, patient stories, diagnostic guides, medical books excerpts online about Groin numbness. Health related message boards offering discussions of numerous health topics including allergies, cancer, diabetes, heart disease, exercise, attention deficit disorder . [Archive] What is the vibration in my groin area? Men's HealthThis question needs more detail to be answered correctly or to even give some type of clue as to what can be causing this. What is the vibration in my groin area? about 'Men's Health'Need to ask a Doctor a question? Getting an answer from a verified doctor is easy on JustAnswer. Answer Look up pulsating in lower abdomen at webmd. Health Issues > Men's Health . This is not a joke. . Diagnostic checklist, medical tests . Ask your questions and get answers - ASAP. nerve injury, recurrent cancer, scar tissue: The sense of vibration in the groin may be from nerve pressure or nerve injury in the sacral part of the spine. . . In my case I'm feeling this weird sensation in my left groin area, like a vibration or rush of fluids, it happens every 5 to 10 seconds or so and lasts about 1 or 2 . I'm curious if it just disappeared with other people. Pulsating, phantom vibration. What is this irritating vibration in my groin? - This is so embarassing, I have this "buzzing" vibration in my groin/right labia area. . A bladder infection is a very . Ask your questions and get answers - ASAP. . Like a cat in my groin.

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